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Sikaraskie, Park and Boyd.

What change has social media brought about that we as writers of culture should be concerned with? I wanted to take this opportunity to explore posts and writings by Amanda Grace Sikaraskie, Suey Park and Danah Boyd.   Amanda Grace … Continue reading

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In Citizen Scholars: Facebook and the Cocreation of Knowledge, Amanda G. Sikarskie draws upon a lingering question of mine through her analysis of “lay scholars”— what exactly does “public” mean to the field of public history? It’s no secret that … Continue reading

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Myspace Is SO 2005, but Twitter is the New Facebook

I really enjoyed the readings this week. Mostly because I use or have used the social media platforms talked about in these articles and because it gave me new ways to view them as well. I wanna start with White Flight … Continue reading

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The Turing Test and Twitter Bots: Sounding like Humanity Only

My response to this week’s readings may or may not be inspired by the movie “Ex Machina,” and if it is clouded by watching this movie, please don’t judge me. While reading Mark Sample’s article about protest bots on Twitter, … Continue reading

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Community and Media

While I was reading this week’s readings the main thing that kept going through my mind, was the role that media has on these social communities. While word of mouth and the influence of friends can be extremely relevant when … Continue reading

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The hierarchy of social media

Although Internet communities can facilitate an exchange of progressive ideas and information by allowing a shared-authority, they can also become sites of marginalization and exclusion. Amazing hashtags like Suey Park’s #NotYourAsianSidekick rely upon a digital community to make an expression … Continue reading

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Week 6: A Two-Part Response

This blog post has two parts. The first is a very brief observation about “Engaging to Preserve: Building a Preservation-Minded Community through Twitter,” and the second is a sort of meditation on Suey Park and social media’s relationship to cultural … Continue reading

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Networks and Communities For Good and Not Evil

After last week’s digital projects analyses, I wasn’t filled with much hope when it came to the internet. I saw a bunch of cool projects that were doing some interesting things to help change some of the discourse of sensitive … Continue reading

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She’s Got Game…Literally

I know that many of my fellow classmates found themselves writing about this project, but I too couldn’t resist the urge to lend my voice to this debate. Here are the basics of the project. The digital history initiative titled … Continue reading

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Arcade Sexism… game over.

A review of Tropes Vs Women in Video Games.   At its core, “Tropes vs Women in Video Games” is a 13 part youtube video series that plays like a series of investigative reporting pieces. It describes itself as the following: “The … Continue reading

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