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Duality of Archives & Digitization (I finally came up with a title!)

The phrase “canonical bias”, as mentioned in Earhart’s “Can Information Be Unfettered”, deserves special mention because it relates to our previous discussions on “net neutrality” and the democratic tendencies of the Internet. The unification of the Internet and Humanities imagined … Continue reading

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Entering the Digital Age.

  Scholars of the future might look back on our time and say that humanity had the power to save it’s past. As we enter into the digital age, there is an assumption that any historical document that is not … Continue reading

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When What’s Important to You..Isn’t Really “Important”

Lauren Klein’s The Image of Absence”,  Amy Earhart’s Can Information Be Unfettered?: Race and the Digital Humanities Canon and Misty DeMeo’s, The Politics of Digitization both had a common theme when reading them: the issue of what information gets to be deemed “important” and the unfortunate … Continue reading

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Spinning the archival records

Although the digitization of archival records can enable primary sources to become easily accessible, in The Politics of Digitization Mary De Meo argues that digitization is not without limits. There is an immense amount of archival records waiting to be … Continue reading

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Building an Archival Community: like pulling teeth without strings

As someone who currently works in the archives/public history field, may I just say that all the revelations about archives from this week’s readings are painfully true, and there is not enough wine in the world to wash down the … Continue reading

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Out of Darkness

All of the articles this week seemed to touch upon a very important theme, the idea of shadows or dark voids in the historical record. At some point all the articles mention that the humanities wanted to shed light on … Continue reading

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The Shadow

It took me a few hours, but something about this week’s readings seemed deeply familiar. I haven’t read T.S. Eliot in more than twenty years, but I found a portion of the last section (V) of his poem “The Hollow … Continue reading

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