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Identifying and Overcoming Barriers to Progress in the Digital Humanities

Speaking very broadly, all four of our readings this week were, to a significant degree, written in response to cultural and technological changes that have occurred relatively recently, and each seeks to affect the ways in which DH accounts for, … Continue reading

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Memories Advisor

  A few years back I channel surfed onto an odd little movie with big ideas. It was called “My Dinner with Andre”. The character who plays Wally (the person having dinner with Andre) would go on to play the villain from … Continue reading

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Once Democracy, No Longer.

For this week’s post, I want to turn back the clock to several weeks ago where the class discussed the innate democratic tendencies of the Internet. Being a major theme of both “The HeratigeCrowd Project” & Voss/Young pieces, I figured this … Continue reading

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How “Professional” Does History Have to Be?

The theme for this week seemed to be the process of curation and the act of producing historic materials digitally by using modern technology. As I read Steve Zeitlin’s article, “Where are the Best Stories? Where is My Story?—Participation and Curation … Continue reading

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Pros and Cons of Public Curation

Recently, I began creating a HistoryPin map of Newark’s art murals for a class I’m taking at Rutgers-Newark. So far I have created my profile and “pinned” two murals I took photos of myself. As an aside, I have been … Continue reading

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Professional vs Non-Professional

What I liked about this week’s reading as well as many that we’ve read over this semester, is this new idea of “professionalism” when it comes to history. For so long it has been assumed that those who have degrees … Continue reading

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Historic Place, Personal Experience

All of the readings this week either exhibited or articulated the idea that museums and cultural heritage institutions are moving away from being a content provider to a discussion facilitator. Especially with the increasing digital space for cultural heritage, more … Continue reading

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