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We’re Mapping Communities? Cool. Cool, Cool, Cool..

Learning how to map community narratives using HistoryPin is a really interesting experience. It can help bring a community to life within the digital realm. By mapping out a narrative, it becomes easier to visualize that community’s story in a … Continue reading

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Mapping everything

As we have gone along this semester we have read, observed, and participated with various public humanities projects. The common theme that has been echoed is how does the information get to the public and how involved are they in … Continue reading

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Putting Digital History on the Map: Outreach as a Form of Advocacy

Though my primary work as an archivist requires that I catalog materials and give the most concrete and complete information about materials, that doesn’t mean that I don’t also like to think about sharing these materials. Sure, the things I … Continue reading

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A Trip Down Memory Lane

The augmented reality that Historypin creates has brought me endless hours of entertainment. The premise is simple. Type a place or address into the search window and peer into the past. Depending on those that have come before you, there … Continue reading

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A Wild Catchy Title Appears [Cue Pokemon music]

As nerdy as it sounds, the brilliance of HistoryPin lies in the platform’s ability to transform average armchair historians like myself into amateur cartographers. After bumbling around on the library’s I-Pad for a ten minutes or so, I was able … Continue reading

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Find the Title – Just Figure Out Brian’s Coordinates

Maps are awesome. Ever since I was a little kid until my most recent job, I had a map taped to the inside of one of my doors, such as my bedroom or office door. It was an obsession, and … Continue reading

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Pinning vs. Layering: Qualifying Modes of Digital Time Travel

After class ended, I stayed behind and was finally able to successfully pin my Berg photos to the Newark350 collection on Historypin. Like all subpar digital cartographers behind their time, I celebrated my tiny victory alone. Except apparently there was a … Continue reading

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The Ghosts of Carver Vocational Technical High School

The Chicory Metadata project looks to digitize a magazine of poetry, prose, street chatter, and art, published from 1966-1982 in Baltimore, MD. According to the project’s website, it was “written by residents of the poorest neighborhoods of Baltimore, is an … Continue reading

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More Omeka thoughts

Am I the only one that’s indifferent towards Omeka thus far? Even though I have no formal training with the software or digital archiving, I found the task to be quite simple and relaxing. I guess I better get used to it, … Continue reading

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Scan-A-Thons, Omeka, Categorizations, Oh My!

This whole idea of categorizing things is all super confusing to me for some reason, so I’m just going to type this up disregarding some stuff we talked about in class so I don’t confuse myself. I need a book … Continue reading

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