A Trip Down Memory Lane

The augmented reality that Historypin creates has brought me endless hours of entertainment. The premise is simple. Type a place or address into the search window and peer into the past. Depending on those that have come before you, there is a chance an old photo may appear superimposed onto the present.

I first gave it a try by typing my home address into the matrix. I felt my chances were good knowing that my neighborhood, HUTHOH (Hoboken-Uptown-On-the-Hill), was not only the first to be settled in the area, but settled by the tech industry (Stevens Institute of Technology, est. 1870). Sure enough, I was treated with some true ghosts of the past:

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 12.35.29 PM.png

What a beautiful arch. It was probably taken down in order to create more parking.

I continued walking down the block. Of course I had to  stop at the park to check out Marlon Brando organizing local dockworkers. Now if I can only find Sinatra in the street playing stickball, I can call it a day. My neighborhood is so boring now.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 1.14.26 PM.png

“On the Waterfront”, technically one block up from the waterfront

My user experience was five stars. Now it was time to pay it forward by uploading and placing some pictures of my own. This is when my picture perfect party ended. First, I admit that I do not bring patience or even a sense of direction to the table. It was difficult to find where my picture belonged and that was with having both the address and which way the photographer was facing. I relate the experience to putting together some sort of virtual reality  jigsaw puzzle.  This handcrafted nature of photo placement was not the worst part. In time, I think I can master that aspect. I do think I can pin some blame on the sites development team. There was a certain jankyness to the process, with certain functionalities working only when they wanted to, and others not at all. Sometimes the map disappears or brings you to London. In this case, it was definitely more fun being a consumer than a producer.  To have an interface riddled with bugs  can kill a site that counts on users for their content. 

About Ron

I am a social studies teacher at Carlstadt Public school and I attend Rutgers, Newark part time. I am looking to graduate sometime next year with a Masters in Teaching History. I enjoy traveling, the outdoors and technology when it makes life easier/more interesting.
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1 Response to A Trip Down Memory Lane

  1. Drew says:

    Lackaday, Ron! Avast! Lo! Consider the future! Both Historypin and Google Street View are works in progress, my liege! Rome was not built in a day, sire! It took many days, weeks, and even months! ‘Zounds, man! Zooterkins! Have patience!


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