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The Ghosts of Carver Vocational Technical High School

The Chicory Metadata project looks to digitize a magazine of poetry, prose, street chatter, and art, published from 1966-1982 in Baltimore, MD. According to the project’s website, it was “written by residents of the poorest neighborhoods of Baltimore, is an … Continue reading

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More Omeka thoughts

Am I the only one that’s indifferent towards Omeka thus far? Even though I have no formal training with the software or digital archiving, I found the task to be quite simple and relaxing. I guess I better get used to it, … Continue reading

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Scan-A-Thons, Omeka, Categorizations, Oh My!

This whole idea of categorizing things is all super confusing to me for some reason, so I’m just going to type this up disregarding some stuff we talked about in class so I don’t confuse myself. I need a book … Continue reading

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Operation Buzzkill: An Archivist’s Thoughts on Omeka

(Hi all. This message is in no way meant to be condescending or dismissive of your ideas, but to clarify my stance on “imagining ways that things can be categorized.” If I am being an ass, don’t be afraid to … Continue reading

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Let’s get drunk on Dublin CORE

Sorry, Dublin CORE just sounds like a delicious pint of stout… Creating metadata for the Chicory collection of poems was tough for a couple of reasons (and not because of stout consumption). On the one hand, I worried a lot … Continue reading

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I’m going to be honest, the Omeka lab was incredibly intimidating to me. I felt this way for a few reasons. A big part of it was that I was pretty much on my own for the lab. Since I … Continue reading

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Drew’s Big Idea for a Digital Chicory

Not knowing all that much about Omeka, I’m not totally sure that what I propose in this post is viable, but I’m going to take a shot. After reading Brian’s post, in which he argues for themed collections, it occured … Continue reading

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