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Making Sense of the Digital Public Humanities (Crisis?)

I have to be honest- I don’t know much about the digital public humanities. In fact, my lack of knowledge and desire to learn about making my work accessible in non-academic spaces led me to my graduate seminar: “Intro to … Continue reading

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Isn’t Everything “On the Move”?

How can things evolve without some sort of movement or shift? In “Humanities on the Move” Jamil Zainaldin talks about the idea of the Humanities being at risk while simultaneously disproving the same. Yes, he points out, “the humanities is … Continue reading

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The Humanities “Crisis”: Public and Academic Humanities at Odds

Ralph Lewin’s article “In Our Hands,” points out an important discrepancy within the humanities “crisis.” Studies have shown, time and again, that within the realm of academics, there is a decline in funding and enrollment, but in the world outside … Continue reading

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