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Audiences and Users

Throughout the semester, I have thrown these words around carelessly, acting as if one could be replaced with the other. Though they are not interchangeable yet, many of this week’s readings have shown that maybe we are heading in a … Continue reading

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Access to Digital Humanities in Danger?

Our readings this week discussed the digitization of material that theoretically make information and knowledge more accessible to the public. I say theoretically because in practice various institutions are constrained with funding and publication contracts so they cannot digitize a … Continue reading

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Another Farm-book

Last weeks readings illuminated the laborious process that is archival construction. It is not so much the construction of the archive that is troublesome but the meticulous collection of metadata and the arrangement of it in a format that is culturally … Continue reading

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Same Old BS Different Medium

  Boyd, Sample and Park reiterate the themes race, class, inequality, oppression, racism, labels…. (I’m sure I’m missing a few) and apply these themes to social networks and communities. Boyd focuses on the separation of society onto two major social … Continue reading

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