First Day of School in the U.S.

Inspired by SAADA’s “First Days” Project, First Day of School in the U.S will initially be focused on stories from recently migrated high school students in ESL or Bilingual programs. It is important that the project focuses on recent migrant students as their memory of that first day of school will still be fresh in their minds.

These stories are intended to be used by teachers and other school personnel such as administrators and counselors to gain better understanding of recently migrated Latino students. It is also the intent of this project to be used as a teaching tool, to help other students understand the struggle newly arrived students face. It is imperative for Latino immigrant students to have a positive school experience to shape them into good students and subsequently good citizens. The humanities themes this project brings about are: the importance of cultural competence in American school systems to be able to successfully integrate recently migrated students of Latin American origins; foster empathy for the classroom immigrant experience through oral histories.

The project aims to have the stories professionally animated (anonymity purposes given the current anti-immigrant climate) and narrated by the students themselves. It will initially have 15 videos – each transcribed in Spanish and English.

I created a condensed version of my first day of school in the U.S without narration on PowToon, this animation serves as just an example as the story shared is not from recent memory nor is it custom animated which are all things the final project will be able to accomplish.

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