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It is Time for Public Noncommercial Search

Google provides an extremely valuable tool with its search engine.  It allows anyone with an internet connection to search the web for free (i.e. no upfront monetary cost).  The idea of this tool is and has been life changing to … Continue reading

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Algorithms and the Responsibility of Online Curation

Although all the readings we’ve done so far in this class have been enlightening and informative, I found that Algorithms of Oppression put the importance and relevance of Black Digital Humanities into perspective for me in a very meaningful way. … Continue reading

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digital epistemology and decolonizing the internet or: the internet is terrifying

Epistemology is defined as ‘the study or a theory of the nature and grounds of knowledge especially with reference to its limits and validity’ but the epistemology of the digital is not primarily the theory of knowledge or the mutation … Continue reading

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Algorithms of oppression

Algorithms of oppression The misconceptions and stereotypes of minorities have always been present in literally everything we do. But knowing that there is something bigger out there that reinforces racial and sexist ideas is absolutely heartbreaking. It feels me up … Continue reading

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40 Acres and a Mule

The enslavement and forced labor of Black bodies has powerful resonances in every aspect of global society. In some of ways, the technological moment described in Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism is similar to an inescapable system … Continue reading

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That’s a Face Worth Remembering: Mugshots and the Right to be Forgotten

Noble goes through a list of incidents where people are fired, harassed, or abused because of a past they do not want explicitly known to those around them. She mentions laws against revenge porn, which forty states currently have.  For … Continue reading

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Algorithms of Oppression

I found the content of this book to be both truly fascinating and also upsetting. Most of your average people believe that the internet or Google would be free of biases, and yet that is far from the truth. These … Continue reading

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