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Meanwhile in Newark: Searching for A Black Revolutionary

GOOGLE CULTURE “Just Google it.” Years ago, before my mother started watching Rachel Maddow and Donald Trump was a racist white guy whose name was on one of the worst buffets in Atlantic City, my mom would get upset when … Continue reading

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Purchases of Oppression? Could Amazon Be Doing the Same Thing as Search Engines?

The way that I interpreted and interacted with the texts for both this course and also for Lyra Montiero’s class this week had a lot to do with the way that I specifically accessed them. In the mix of life, … Continue reading

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Algorithms of Educational Oppression

It is really an algorithm that determines who gets to go to what schools in New York City. For some time now many New Yorkers, particularly people of Color, have complained that the algorithm reproduces historic inequities or at least … Continue reading

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Algorithms of Oppression

The information in this book is absolutely amazing. I wasn’t quite naive enough to think that oppression didn’t exist within internet search engines, but I never stopped to think about just how intertwined it is. I had a very interesting … Continue reading

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A report from the other side of search: a personal reflection on Algorithms of Oppression

  “Because most of Google’s revenue is derived from advertising, it is important to consider advertising as a media practice with tremendous power in shaping culture and society.” Safiya Umoja Noble (105). I begin with full disclosure, or even a … Continue reading

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What have we done?

Algorithms of Oppression names a few things that have bothered me for a long time while also dragging some “black box” algorithmic evidence into the light for us to examine. First, I couldn’t wait to share this with a colleague … Continue reading

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A Yom Kippur Reflection on Hipsterism

Re: Eglash (2002) I am confused as to how Eglash is defining the term “hipster.” He goes into some depth describing and historicizing the idea of the “nerd,” but then seems to throw the term “hipster” out there without similar … Continue reading

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