The power of community

I think this book is extremely interesting and also important to read at this point in time. Tufekci discusses how communication has changed over time. People can organize and reach more people today than was ever possible in the past. News can travel quicker today than before. We can communicate clearly with ease and with little effort whereas not that long ago regions had their own distinct dialects. Tufekci makes some wonderful points about the ability for people to organize and start protests via online groups by finding like-minded people easier than they would in person. She mentions that the digital world has managed to create a very real and legitimate connection among people. An interesting issue that is raised in the book is that while the connection made between people in the digital world is quite real, the digital world is often referred to and thought of as “virtual reality” and therefore not reality. What Tufekci seems to be arguing throughout the book is that this not only incorrect, but a dangerous way of thinking. It allows for dissmissive attitudes when it comes to online security and threats and it also doesn’t take the online movement power seriously. I think we can all agree that to dismiss the power of the internet is a huge mistake. Online security is a major issue and its a growing one. And the power of an online movement can be overwhelming. Look at #blacklivesmatter, #metoo, the women’s march on washington after Trump’s inaguration. These all started as online movements that grew to huge movements that everyone knows about. While not everything that is posted on the internet has the power to take off and go viral, I’m sure that a lot of us can agree that with the right material and the right audience the internet is an amazing tool.

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