Black Digital Humanities: What’s that supposed to mean?

January 22 – Week 1/ Introduction to the Class

Search “Black Digital Humanities” online and, examining some of the results, write a couple sentences on what you think it means.

Unfortunately for me I had never heard of the term Digital Humanties before registering for this class. When I started to google the term I realized I was reading a lot of discussions on trying to build the borders of the field by deciding who shouldn’t be a part of it and building from there. Some instances scholars were questioning the name itself and it overall reminded me of conversations in my Intro to American Studies class about questioning the title of our degrees. I think that Black Digital Humanties is supposed to be investigating and discussion of the use of technology in the school of humanities in reference to people of color. Meaning how they can explore and teach their findings through all this emerging media like blogs, social media, YouTube and online articles. It gives the field of Humanities a kind of creative twist in allowing them to find new ways to reach more people and try their best to make it as easy to comprehend as possible.

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