The Digital World and Propaganda

It is not difficult to envision that the general public opinion is heavily influenced and even triggered by the content that is accessible online. Inaccurate information, especially ones that are used for a political purpose tends to mislead people. The problem is that there is an abundance of links that can be labelled as racially and sexually offensive and taboo. As a result, the majority of the internet users become persuaded negatively from the “propaganda” that is presented and develop their own mostly radical, and fundamental solution on the matter. These phenomena are tragically associated with hate crimes and mass murders that take place in the United States. For example, In Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism, Safiya Umoja Noble explains that results from internet search engines can contain sensitive details that impact individuals in an imprecise way. Take for account the case with Dylan Roof, a white supremacist mass shooter convicted of killing 9 people and injuring 1. Noble identifies that Roof was strongly brainwashed by the racist xenophobic data on the web specifically on the matter related to the history of conflicts between African-Americans and whites. “But we cannot ignore the ways that a murderer such as Dylan Roof, allegedly in his own words, reported that his racial awareness was cultivated online by searching on a concept or phrase that led him to very narrow, hostile, and racist views.”(Noble 117). Through online chauvinistic propaganda, Roof was unfortunately triggered by the discriminatory material and foolishly decided to take action on the matter. These individual attacks towards specific groups are termed as “Lone Wolves”. In this case, Dylan Roof was a lone wolf that was unacceptably affected by the media online. To prevent these occasions from happening again, it is important to keep mentioning and bringing up the topic and discuss whether humanity can go through a “revision” in the digital world that is accessible for us today. in my personal view, It is important to ask ourselves the question: “Is it possible to limit the information that is circulated online after determining its level of safety?”.  

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  1. youtianchangmailcom says:

    Media nowadays has been conveniently transformed into political tools and has evolved into a battlefield. Instead of sieging lands and cities, they now strive to take over people’s minds so they adhere willingly to the rules they set. If not careful, people can unknowingly become tools of large groups of interest.


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