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Spreadsheets & Data & Commas, Oh My!

For this weeks project on composing and transcribing Chicory issues into data I had accepted that the project wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. However, in hindsight that statement does no justice to the work I would … Continue reading

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Metadata and Mapping

Employing Omeka to categorize Chicory was enlightening. It is easy to grasp the notion that archival work is historical work and has a significant impact on what materials society has easy access to and how the categorization and description in … Continue reading

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No career change for me

Prior to this assignment, I had experience in tagging interviews for a search engine for a website and, from that, I knew the process of categorization is tedious and at times repetitive. Filling out the fields for just one edition … Continue reading

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“This is what you were doing while you were quarantined?”: A Diary Entry (I decided to have fun with this one)

It should come to know surprise that I want to be a television historian. I mean someone who documents and discusses the television shows and films that are made for the average American to relate to, care about, and fan … Continue reading

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Mapping Disneyland & Humanities Scholarship

I found the Mapping workshop extremely useful and very recently used it to develop my grant proposal. I recently changed my topic from fandom in general to focus specifically on Disneyland and its relationship to dominant U.S. pop culture. I … Continue reading

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I’m a Consumer not a Producer

There’s no pleasant way to describe how my eyes feel right now. In fact in you sat just a few feet away from me ( which you cant on account of my self-imposed quarantine, so you’ll just have to take … Continue reading

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To Shed Light on the Invisible

In the start of our era of Internet and information technology, it was not hard to assume hopefully that the unpresedented innovations would likely narrow the gap of different groups of people, lower the difficulty to access information and maybe, … Continue reading

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Excel > Poetry

Not until this class, and certainly, not until our Lab, did I realize the amount of human labor required to create a searchable item. In the past I was easily frustrated if I could not find a website that had … Continue reading

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The Devil is in the Details

Unsurprisingly, this metadata project resulted in a deeply increased appreciation for the work of data input and management. I have always enjoyed (on some sick level) this kind of tedious, repetitive work, so the task itself for me was not … Continue reading

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