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What ever happened to “don’t be evil”?

The conclusion that struck me the most in Safiya Umoja’s Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism was: “search does not merely present pages but structures knowledge, and the results retrieved in a commercial search engine create their own particular material … Continue reading

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The Internet CAN poison your mind!

In New Digital Worlds Risam comes to an extremely powerful conclusion at the end of her work: the internet has tremendous ability to define norms and alter perceptions. This, I feel, is the strongest takeaway and defense for digital humanities. … Continue reading

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The Reality of OWLS

Sharon M. Leon’s analysis of The Status of Women in the Historic Profession, 2005 findings show that women, who often become disproportionately responsible for child and eldercare during their career advancement years, are stigmatized, which results in slow or stagnant opportunity in women … Continue reading

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Reflection on Gallon’s “Making a Case for Black Digital Humanities”

In Kim Gallon’s “Making a Case for Black Digital Humanities”,  Gallon quickly assesses that to try to concretely define the term “black” is incredibly complex as blackness has historically been applied individually and subjectively. This also occurs with other minority groups. … Continue reading

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What is Black Digital Humanities?

Black digital humanities is an emerging field that functions in a multi-faceted way. Not only does it offer a space for new knowledge production by black scholars, it provides an opportunity to discuss how technology is interacted with by different races.  This … Continue reading

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