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First Day of School in the U.S.

Inspired by SAADA’s “First Days” Project, First Day of School in the U.S will initially be focused on stories from recently migrated high school students in ESL or Bilingual programs. It is important that the project focuses on recent migrant students as their … Continue reading

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The Many Layers of Maps

Maps have generally served as navigation guides as well as markers for topography and borders, thus far, I have been content with the aforementioned purposes for maps (gerrymandering is a touchy subject for me so I will not indulge). As we … Continue reading

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Could MySpace have been able to teach us all to code?

While reading White Flight in Networked Publics by Danah Boyd, the thing that stuck out the most was the mention of the “freedom” MySpace allowed its users by allowing them to use coding to personalize their profiles. This is not … Continue reading

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Isn’t Everything “On the Move”?

How can things evolve without some sort of movement or shift? In “Humanities on the Move” Jamil Zainaldin talks about the idea of the Humanities being at risk while simultaneously disproving the same. Yes, he points out, “the humanities is … Continue reading

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