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Hinchliffe Stadium Smartphone App Prototyping Grant

[This is a FICTIONAL grant application created for educational purposes only. The contents are in no way representative of the named institution.] This proposal, submitted to the NEH Division of Public Programs for a “Digital Projects for the Public” Prototyping … Continue reading

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The Power of Social Media

I have had a social media account since I was in 7th grade, so I have essentially grown up in the age of social media.  I used social media in juvenile ways at first on Myspace in 2005, where I … Continue reading

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How Do You Digitize Hundreds of Thousands of Records? Crowd-Sourcing

On March 21, 2018, the African-American Civil War Soldiers Project was launched.  Their goal was to transcribe documents from the National Archives for over 200,000 African-American soldiers who served in the Civil War in order to “restore these freedom fighters … Continue reading

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As I have discussed in my previous blog posts, the internet in the early 1990s was a beacon of hope.  Many viewed it as a platform that would democratize information for all, but as we have seen, this ideal has … Continue reading

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It is Time for Public Noncommercial Search

Google provides an extremely valuable tool with its search engine.  It allows anyone with an internet connection to search the web for free (i.e. no upfront monetary cost).  The idea of this tool is and has been life changing to … Continue reading

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The Harsh Realities of Popular Culture and the Effect it Has on Collective Memory

Am I the only one who has never heard of using body scanners to help determine clothing size, because this was news to me!  I found all of the readings this week to be very interesting. They all were focused … Continue reading

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Digital Humanities: How Do We Make This Work?

In the texts we read this week, all were grappling with the idea of what is Digital Humanities and how do we do it properly.  I appreciate this reflection and caution from the start of a relatively new field before … Continue reading

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