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District 23: An Animated Atlas of Schooling in New York City

  NYC Center for Educational Justice requests $26,950 for an NEH Digital Projects for the Public Discovery Grant to bring together scholars, digital humanities professionals, and community members to design District 23: An Animated Atlas of Schooling in New York … Continue reading

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The Challenge of Archiving Digitally Networked Movements

When I recently reviewed the SNCC digital gateway (, I marveled at the opportunity to dig through the day to day communications of this transformative activist organization. Reading Zeynep Tufekci’s Twitter and Tear Gas, I wondered what a future archive … Continue reading

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“The car situation has gotten out of hand”: Bottom up, Inside out Histories and the SNCC Digital Gateway

  The SNCC Digital Gateway ( documents how SNCC’s young organizers worked alongside indigenous Black activists in the Deep South to further the generations-long struggle for Black freedom and power. It adopts a long arc view of the Black freedom … Continue reading

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Archiving Damage and Desire

In the spring of my freshman year of college I embarked upon the sort of solo road trip that only a freshman in college would embark upon. A few of my good friends from high school were members of the … Continue reading

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Algorithms of Educational Oppression

It is really an algorithm that determines who gets to go to what schools in New York City. For some time now many New Yorkers, particularly people of Color, have complained that the algorithm reproduces historic inequities or at least … Continue reading

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A Yom Kippur Reflection on Hipsterism

Re: Eglash (2002) I am confused as to how Eglash is defining the term “hipster.” He goes into some depth describing and historicizing the idea of the “nerd,” but then seems to throw the term “hipster” out there without similar … Continue reading

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New Old Habits

The first thing that struck me when approaching today’s readings was how the act of reading itself changes when engaging with a digital platform. Over the past year I’ve developed a sort of ritual for my coursework whereby I download … Continue reading

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