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Mapping AIDS: A Newark Story

One incredibly important research misconception that I have learned through this class is that not everything that you want to study will have an archive, and it is a privileged lens that you approach a topic from to believe that … Continue reading

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Digital Mapping: Format vs. Function

Maps used in the digital humanities are a unique tool in that they are not used for the original purpose of maps, (i.e. physical navigation), but in order to add a layer of visual interpretation to a set of data. … Continue reading

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Audiences and Users

Throughout the semester, I have thrown these words around carelessly, acting as if one could be replaced with the other. Though they are not interchangeable yet, many of this week’s readings have shown that maybe we are heading in a … Continue reading

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Online Communities Creating History

In today’s world, history is not only being stored and posted on the Internet, but also created through it. As Suey Park reminded her followers, “communication technologies are not cold and mechanical, but are simply a platform to allow for … Continue reading

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Pox and the City: Edinburgh

  Pox and the City: Edinburgh is the digital brainchild of Lisa Rosner, a professor of history, at Richard Stockton College. The game creates an interactive space to learn about the nuanced relationship between disease, patient, and treatment. Funded by the … Continue reading

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The Humanities “Crisis”: Public and Academic Humanities at Odds

Ralph Lewin’s article “In Our Hands,” points out an important discrepancy within the humanities “crisis.” Studies have shown, time and again, that within the realm of academics, there is a decline in funding and enrollment, but in the world outside … Continue reading

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