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Hello all, I'm Nicole. I'm a 25 year old grad student in history at Rutgers University. I'm working on a degree in history, but my passion lies in museums and presenting history in a way that will inspire and educate the public in a non-academic setting.

Los Puertorriqueños: Dismissed History

This is so sad, I had such a great time in class with all of you, I know I’ll be seeing Sheridan again next semester and I hope I’ll see all of you again too! Thanks for making my Monday … Continue reading

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Scan-A-Thons, Omeka, Categorizations, Oh My!

This whole idea of categorizing things is all super confusing to me for some reason, so I’m just going to type this up disregarding some stuff we talked about in class so I don’t confuse myself. I need a book … Continue reading

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When What’s Important to You..Isn’t Really “Important”

Lauren Klein’s The Image of Absence”,  Amy Earhart’s Can Information Be Unfettered?: Race and the Digital Humanities Canon and Misty DeMeo’s, The Politics of Digitization both had a common theme when reading them: the issue of what information gets to be deemed “important” and the unfortunate … Continue reading

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How “Professional” Does History Have to Be?

The theme for this week seemed to be the process of curation and the act of producing historic materials digitally by using modern technology. As I read Steve Zeitlin’s article, “Where are the Best Stories? Where is My Story?—Participation and Curation … Continue reading

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Myspace Is SO 2005, but Twitter is the New Facebook

I really enjoyed the readings this week. Mostly because I use or have used the social media platforms talked about in these articles and because it gave me new ways to view them as well. I wanna start with White Flight … Continue reading

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Disentangling the “Knotted” Lines in Our History

It’s always a wide-eyed stare I receive from fellow classmates when I tell them I’m majoring in history, but very rarely watch the news and keep up with the social/political issues plaguing our country. That’s okay, my forte has always … Continue reading

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Public Humanities: Giving Everyone a Voice

Before joining this class, I had an extremely conventional way of thinking about Public History and the actual practice of public humanities. As I was going through the readings for this week, I’ve realized my ideas on this subject aren’t … Continue reading

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