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I am a social studies teacher at Carlstadt Public school and I attend Rutgers, Newark part time. I am looking to graduate sometime next year with a Masters in Teaching History. I enjoy traveling, the outdoors and technology when it makes life easier/more interesting.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

The augmented reality that Historypin creates has brought me endless hours of entertainment. The premise is simple. Type a place or address into the search window and peer into the past. Depending on those that have come before you, there … Continue reading

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The Ghosts of Carver Vocational Technical High School

The Chicory Metadata project looks to digitize a magazine of poetry, prose, street chatter, and art, published from 1966-1982 in Baltimore, MD. According to the project’s website, it was “written by residents of the poorest neighborhoods of Baltimore, is an … Continue reading

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Entering the Digital Age.

  Scholars of the future might look back on our time and say that humanity had the power to save it’s past. As we enter into the digital age, there is an assumption that any historical document that is not … Continue reading

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Memories Advisor

  A few years back I channel surfed onto an odd little movie with big ideas. It was called “My Dinner with Andre”. The character who plays Wally (the person having dinner with Andre) would go on to play the villain from … Continue reading

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Sikaraskie, Park and Boyd.

What change has social media brought about that we as writers of culture should be concerned with? I wanted to take this opportunity to explore posts and writings by Amanda Grace Sikaraskie, Suey Park and Danah Boyd.   Amanda Grace … Continue reading

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Arcade Sexism… game over.

A review of Tropes Vs Women in Video Games.   At its core, “Tropes vs Women in Video Games” is a 13 part youtube video series that plays like a series of investigative reporting pieces. It describes itself as the following: “The … Continue reading

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NEH and STEM (my personal experiences with an initialism and an acronym).

  The NEH In the summer of 2013 I had found out about an NEH sponsored History and culture workshop for school teachers. Its catchy title “Forever Wild” and its description had intrigue and made large promises. The website read: … Continue reading

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