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Mobile Museums Are Cool

Thank you all for a super duper semester!! I was challenged AND I had fun while learning oodles and oodles. (Oodles is data terminology for tons… or a lot.. or bunches.) As discussed, here’s a copy of my abstract posted … Continue reading

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Find the Title – Just Figure Out Brian’s Coordinates

Maps are awesome. Ever since I was a little kid until my most recent job, I had a map taped to the inside of one of my doors, such as my bedroom or office door. It was an obsession, and … Continue reading

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Omeka Omeka Omeka! Creating a Linear Digital Space Marcia.

Not a whole lot stresses me out. Seriously – I am the cool and collected person at work that reacts a bit more deliberately than others.  I ask questions calmly and work to resolve the issues through a comprehensive and holistic … Continue reading

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The Shadow

It took me a few hours, but something about this week’s readings seemed deeply familiar. I haven’t read T.S. Eliot in more than twenty years, but I found a portion of the last section (V) of his poem “The Hollow … Continue reading

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Cohesive, Cumulative, and Comprehensive Curation of Crowdsourcing and Community Contributions

Since life is really a huge set of coincidences, I wanted to share what I found at my local, small (heavy emphasis on the word small) town library this week. In this image, you can see a Metuchen resident submission … Continue reading

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Networks and Communities For Good and Not Evil

After last week’s digital projects analyses, I wasn’t filled with much hope when it came to the internet. I saw a bunch of cool projects that were doing some interesting things to help change some of the discourse of sensitive … Continue reading

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Reflecting on the Social Mirror

For years, I was an avid Opie and Anthony listener on my drive home from work.  I didn’t mind the overly insensitive chatter since I was an intelligent person who was able to discern right from wrong.  One of their … Continue reading

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