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A Digital Guide to Networked Protest

If there is one thing that Black Digital Humanities has trained me to do is to think digitally. What I mean is that this course has normalized for me the habit of reading a book and automatically considering the ways … Continue reading

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Mapping the Great Dismal Swamp

“The Oak of Jerusalem: Flight, Refuge, and Reconnaissance in the Great Dismal Swamp Region” is a project created by a Ph.D. student at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, Christy Hyman. It notes that it was created in support from the … Continue reading

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Could Digital Archives be the Fit? Couldn’t Anything?: Narrowing Down My Project

I’m finding myself a bit stuck this week as I try to write this blog post. I am confronting writer’s block I think because a couple of the essays, particularly Lauren Klein’s “The Image of Absence” and Jarrett Drake’s “#ArchivesForBlackLives,” … Continue reading

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Purchases of Oppression? Could Amazon Be Doing the Same Thing as Search Engines?

The way that I interpreted and interacted with the texts for both this course and also for Lyra Montiero’s class this week had a lot to do with the way that I specifically accessed them. In the mix of life, … Continue reading

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A Quick Search on Black Environmentalism

What I appreciated about this week’s reading is that it asked us to think beyond just the silencing of Black Americans as a single group, but to think instead about the silencing of the multitudes of identities that exist within … Continue reading

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Reflections on Reframing Digital Humanities and a Roadmap to DH Success

From this weeks reading, I garnered two things. Firstly, I reflected on the benefits and side effects of the fact that many in the Digital Humanities are beginning to reexamine what the humanities are and further to use its unique … Continue reading

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