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Open Access: Paywalls Deter Readers

There’s a point in “Interchange: The Promise of Digital History” where the contributors are discussing journals and digital histories being open access. I think it’s important to note that there are still paywalls that exist in the academy, and they’re … Continue reading

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#HistoricalWellness: Black Women’s Self-Care in the Digital Age

Courtesy Creative Commons Self-care is in vogue right now. Think pieces, Instagram posts, and Facebook soliloquies abound urging people to prioritize pampering, relaxation, and stress-reducing activities. Often, however, the deeper, more intentional and frightening work of self-care is avoided in … Continue reading

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Los Puertorriqueños: Dismissed History

This is so sad, I had such a great time in class with all of you, I know I’ll be seeing Sheridan again next semester and I hope I’ll see all of you again too! Thanks for making my Monday … Continue reading

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