Welcome to Black Digital Humanities, a graduate seminar in American Studies and History at Rutgers University-Newark, taught by Mary Rizzo.

This course began as Introduction to Digital Public Humanities in 2017. As my own research became more focused on Black digital humanities and after taking a workshop on Spaces and Stories in the Black Public Humanities at HILT, I reconceptualized the course as Black Digital Humanities in Fall 2018. I’m excited to teach this class again, building on what my students taught me.

Black digital humanities is an emerging field that connects digital humanities and African American studies. Our exploration will touch on a number of specific issues that are currently central to it, including media studies and cultural theory; archives; knowledge production; curation; community organizing; and ethics. Students will critically analyze digital technologies through humanistic lenses, asking how race, class, gender, sexuality, labor and so on are reinscribed or changed by them. In lab sessions, students will learn digital technologies, including blogging, social media, mapping, and archiving, applying theory to praxis.

Please contact Mary Rizzo (mary.rizzo@rutgers.edu) with any questions.

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